Brussels Chocolate Tour – Part 1

By | 12th May 2019

Brussels Chocolate Tour…

When in Brussels, what are the best activities? See the stunning Grand Place with its lavish guildhalls and Town Hall, visit the crazy Atomium, and obviously, enjoy on chocolate. For some individuals, this includes taking a Brussels chocolate visit.

Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which you would prefer not to go on a visit. Imagine a scenario where you need to investigate Brussels at your very own pace, spreading out the chocolate extravagance through the span of a whole day.

At that point, you can take a Brussels chocolate visit individually, without a visit gathering, and we can demonstrate to you how.

Through the span of one day, we visited 10 distinctive chocolate shops in Brussels (for research purposes just, obviously! Out of those 10 shops, we picked our preferred six shops and structured an independently directed strolling course through Brussels. In addition to the fact that you get to taste chocolate, you will walk some of Brussels prettiest roads, express hello to Manneken-Pis and his sister, Jeanneke-Pis, and even visit one of Brussels’ coolest bars.

This chocolate visit and its temporary routes to acclaimed destinations in the city is one of the coolest approaches to go through multi-day in Brussels. We trust you appreciate it!

A Few Things to Know Before We Get Started

How is it to take a chocolate visit?

Beginning at 39€ (with certain visits costing as much as 75€), you visit 5 chocolate shops, tasting a piece or two of chocolate in each shop. These chocolates are chosen ahead of time, so you don’t get the opportunity to pick what to taste, except if you pay additional while you are at the shop. These chocolate shops have an incredible assortment of chocolates and it would be a disgrace not to pick what you need to taste.

A chocolate visit once in a while incorporates a 45-minute session where you get the opportunity to make your own chocolate. A few people love it, a few people believe it’s an exercise in futility.

For our group of four, it would have cost us 300 euros to take a chocolate visit to Brussels (I had considered taking Viator’s Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop). On our independently directed visit, our expense for tasting chocolate in 5 shops (2 to 3 pieces each at 5 shops) cost us a stupendous aggregate of 49€ (that is around 12 euros for every individual). We didn’t make chocolate, however sincerely we don’t feel like we passed up anything by not doing that.

What’s in store on our independently directed chocolate visit

Today is about a guilty pleasure. Not exclusively will you attempt chocolate, however lager and waffles are on the menu, in addition to fries, on the off chance that you need to attempt those as well. On the off chance that you like Italian sustenance, spare space for Pasta Divina, a café where we ate a standout amongst our best Italian dinners outside of Italy.

Amid this chocolate visit, you will walk 2.4 km (1.5 miles). It’s insufficient to adjust the present calorie admission, yet that is OK, you’re in the midst of a furlough, so have a ball!

We prescribe attempting a few bits of chocolate for every shop. It just costs a few euros for a few bits of chocolate, contingent upon what you pick.

In each shop we visited, the traders communicated in English and were useful. Ask them what they prescribe, in light of the fact that numerous shops have a strength that they’re pleased with.

It just takes five to ten minutes to choose your chocolates and taste them, so you can visit many spots rapidly.

Lastly, begin the day with a light breakfast, ideally something not very filling or brimming with calories.

You can see the whole strolling course and area of the chocolate shops on a guide toward the finish of this article.

Our Brussels Chocolate Tour

Excellent Place (Grote Markt)

Terrific Place, likewise called Grote Markt or the Grand Square, is the focal point of Brussels. This is a standout amongst the most excellent squares in Europe, encompassed by the extravagant guildhouses, the notable Town Hall, and the King’s House.

This is the ideal beginning stage for a voyage through Brussels.

Remain in the focal point of the square and turn 360 degrees, taking in the view (and bunches of photographs).

After you get your fill of the view (yet don’t stress… we’ll be back later today), it’s an ideal opportunity to visit our first chocolate shop.


What preferable spot to begin once again at Neuhaus. This was my preferred chocolate shop, alongside Tyler and Kara. There are a few Neuhaus areas nearby however on this visit we will visit the one ideal on Grand Place.

Neuhaus is one of the most seasoned chocolate shops in Brussels. Beginning in 1857, this chocolate shop began off as a drug store that sold chocolate secured medications to its clients. You can’t by chocolate secured drug any longer, however you can purchase their chocolate truffles that were granted the title of best chocolate truffle on the planet in 2017.

Neuhaus was one of our top choices basically in light of the fact that their chocolate appeared to be so imaginative (not a word I at any point thought I’d use to depict chocolate).

We adored the Cornet Dore, little chocolates that took after minor frozen treats.

The Irresistible are likewise worth attempting. These chocolates highlight a crunchy nougat loaded up with cream and covered in chocolate. You won’t discover these in some other chocolate shop in Brussels.

Neuhaus is extending and is presently opening stores the world over. You can even purchase their items on the web, ideal for when you return home and need to get your chocolate fix.

All out Price for our tasting: 14€

Mary Chocolatier

Only a couple of entryways down from Neuhaus is Mary Chocolatier.

Mary Delluc was Brussels’ first female chocolatier, opening her chocolate shop in 1919. The stylistic theme of the shop has a female vibe to it, with chocolates bundled in flower boxes of pastel hues.

The chocolate here is astonishing. It was good to the point that after we each attempted our chocolates, we returned for additional.

In the event that you like ocean salt caramel, attempt the “Mademoiselle.” Tim cherished the Argenteuil, a hazelnut and almond praline with hazelnut pieces. The truffles are flavorful, particularly the champagne truffles and the speculoos truffles.

All out cost for our tasting: 12€


Adjacent to Mary is Godiva. Godiva is a standout amongst the most outstanding chocolate marks and has areas all over the world. This is one of the chocolate shops that I prescribe skipping, basically in light of the fact that it’s so natural to go anyplace on the planet, and you should spare your chocolate tastings (and calories) for a spot that is more diligently to discover outside of Belgium.

Maison Dandoy

Stroll over the Grand Place and down the side road along the Town Hall to Maison Dandoy. This is a standout amongst the best places in Brussels for waffles. They likewise pitch a variety of treats to eat now or put something aside for some other time.


Stroll along Rue de l’Etuve until you get to the horde of individuals snapping a picture of Manneken-Pis.

Manneken-Pis is a little, bronze statue of a youthful, stripped kid peeing into a wellspring. There are a few legends behind Manneken-Pis, yet my most loved is about the young man who put out a flame with his pee, in this way sparing the ruler’s stronghold.

Walk tough along Rue de Chene, passing the goliath spray painting wall painting of Manneken-Pis, cross Boulevard de l’Empereur and up Rue de Rollebeek.

Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini is the encapsulation of extravagance chocolate. This currently enriched shop offers the absolute most sumptuous chocolate in Belgium.

Pierre Marcolini began off as a baked good gourmet specialist and afterward turned into a chocolatier. His chocolate is about flawlessness, from picking the correct beans to the making of chocolate.

This chocolate shop is a most loved of numerous guests to Belgium, including Tim. He loved the combination of dim chocolates yet the milk chocolate ocean salt caramel was by a long shot his preferred chocolate of the day.

At this area, singular chocolates for tasting are on the second dimension and chocolate combinations are available to be purchased on the lower level.

All out cost for our tasting: 7€

Picturesque Walkthrough Brussels

It’s a short, picturesque stroll back to Grand Place, the ideal method to consume a few calories and investigate a tad of Brussels.

From Pierre Marcolini, stroll up Rue Bodenbroek and after that along Rue de la Regence to Place Royale. Take a right-hand turn on Rue Montagne de la Cour and you will pass the Old England Building. This workmanship nouveau building was worked in 1899 as a retail establishment. It is presently a melodic instrument historical center.

Proceed with the walk downhill, through the extremely little however beautiful Monts des Arts. Over the housetops, you can see the tower of the Town Hall.

Break time

It’s a great opportunity to take a break… what about eating an option that is other than chocolate?

While in transit to Grand Place you will pass Tonton Garby, a little sandwich shop that gets rave surveys. In case you’re ravenous, stop in here for some food.

You can likewise attempt Chez Papy, a great Belgian fries eatery, on the off chance that you don’t crave eating an entire dinner.

r, you can eat at a bistro on Grand Place. Typically we don’t suggest eating in the tourist zones, similar to the Grand Place. Eateries are average and overrated. It’s a similar path here. Be that as it may, if it’s a pleasant day, sitting at an outside table with a perspective on the square can be an incredible spot to take a break. We ate at Le Roy d’Espagne, a better than average eatery directly on the square. Tim and I drank a lager and Tyler and Kara had a light lunch.

Corne Port-Royal

From the Grand Place, stroll up Rue de la Colline and enter Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. In this extravagant arcade of shops, you can discover various chocolate shops worth visiting, (for example, Neuhaus and Pierre Marcolini). Notwithstanding, we are just going to visit one shop in this Galerie, Corne Port-Royal.

Corne Port-Royal closely resembles an extravagant chocolate shop. Corne is well known for “concocting” the Manon Sucre, a praline that highlights cream, nougat, nuts, and chocolate.

The complete cost for our tasting: 6€

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