Brussels Chocolate Tour – Part 2

By | 12th May 2019

Brussels Chocolate Tour…


Leave the shopping arcade to take a right onto Rue de la Montagne. As you stroll down this shopping road, you will pass De Biertempel, a shop that sells a huge variety of Belgian brew, in the event that you are searching for trinkets or lager to bring home.

Elisabeth is our next chocolate shop and there are three shops all inside a one-minute walk. We suggest the one on Rue au Beurre 43.

Elisabeth includes little, straightforward, laid back shops that sell flavorful truffles and desserts. They gather Belgium’s best high-quality desserts and offer them in their shops.

The alcohol truffles were a gigantic hit for Tim and I and Kara cherished the salted caramel vaults (would you be able to tell that we adore salted caramel?). There are bunches of bundled collections for blessings and gifts.

Absolute cost for our tasting: 12€

Le Comptoir de Mathilde

Stroll down Rue au Beurre until you get to Le Comptoir de Mathilde.

Natural and unassuming, Le Comptoir de Mathilde is not normal for some other chocolate shop on this rundown. They don’t include the extravagant, debauched truffles and smooth pralines like different shops in Brussels. Be that as it may, they do put an intriguing twist on hot cocoa and offer interesting keepsakes to bring home. On the off chance that you are going with children, this is a spot you should visit.

On the off chance that it’s a cold day, take your pick from hot cocoa seasons, the ideal method to heat up. They are likewise bundled so you can convey them home.

Available to be purchased are caramel and chocolate sauces, enormous lumps of chocolate that accompany their solitary hammer for crushing into little pieces, and even appetizing cooking herbs and flavors.

This might be a spot to visit toward the finish of the day, particularly in the event that you plan on buying keepsakes. They are open until 10 pm.

The complete cost for our tasting: We didn’t taste chocolate here however we brought a great deal home (thus far, what we have eaten has been heavenly).

Express Hi to Jeanneke-Pis

At this point, you visited the majority of our prescribe chocolate shops, however, regardless we have a couple of cool spots to visit to round out your voyage through Brussels.

From Le Comptoir, it’s a five-minute stroll to the lesser known (yet significantly more essential) statue, Jeanneke-Pis. Stroll along the correct side of Saint Nicholas Church, up Rue de la Fourche, take a privilege on Rue de Bouchers, lastly, a left up Impasse de la Fidelite.

Towards the finish of this road, taking cover behind a terrible, latched door, is the most lovable statue in Brussels. Here is little Jeanneke-Pis, the sister of Mannekin-Pis. Though Manneken-Pis has been around for quite a long time, Jeanneke has just been here, cheerfully hunching down and peeing, since 1987.

Wooziness Cafe

Situated on a similar road as Jeanneke-Pis is Delirium Cafe. This is one of Brussels coolest hang out spots, so we have been told. Walk down the stairs to the comfortable, diminish lit bar, and request a brew (or two).

Supper at Pasta Divina

For supper, there are a ton of incredible cafés to attempt in Brussels, yet we profoundly suggest Pasta Divina. This café has some expertise in Italian pasta dishes that are extraordinary and really the absolute best pasta we have ever eaten. This may sound insane, however, my pasta adoring family nearly loved supper more than the Belgian chocolate.

We were welcomed by the proprietor, a benevolent, grinning Italian man, who disclosed the menu to us. His significant other makes the noodles every day and they are topped with an assortment of sauces. Each sort of noodle is combined with an alternate sauce. All that we ate was flavorful and in the event that we had additional time in Brussels, we would have eaten here consistently.

One Final View of Grand Place

After supper, take in one last perspective on Grand Place. It looks similarly as great at evening as amid the day.

Step by step instructions to Use This Map: Click the tab in the upper left-hand corner of the guide to see the layers (chocolate shops, spots to visit, and the strolling course). You can tap the check imprints to cover up or show layers. In the event that you click the symbols on the guide, you can get more data about each focal point.

On the off chance that you click the star, this guide will be added to your Google Maps account. To see it on your telephone or PC, open Google Maps, click the menu catch, go to “Your Places,” click Maps, and you will see this guide on your rundown.

Four More Chocolate Shops in Brussels

Shouldn’t something be said about the four diverse chocolate shops that didn’t make our visit? Let me simply state that all that we had was delectable, however, to keep from overpowering you today and sending you into a carb-extreme lethargies, we simply incorporated our 6 top picks in the visit. Here are the four shops we attempted that were great, just not our top picks.

Godiva. As expressed, you can get Godiva in such a large number of spots the world over, why not have a go at something new while you are in Brussels?

Leonidas. This is a well-known brand and you will see it all over the place, in Brussels, however all through Belgium and parts of Europe. Their shop felt uninspired and their chocolate was not all that much, as we would see it, at any rate, contrasted and others in this post.

Chocopolis. This chocolate shop additionally offers chocolate shows. It feels like an industrial facility when you are here and their chocolates were… meh.

Planete Chocolate. This was a spot I would have liked to prescribe as a spot to make your very own chocolate on this chocolate visit. They were sold out amid our visit and they get rave surveys. Nonetheless, since April 2, they never again offer these visits, so I’m not prescribing them.

Gathering Tour or Self-Guided Tour. Which One Should You Choose?

Gathering Tours: Group visits are ideal for the individuals who like the effortlessness of having a visiting head take them around town. In any case, it very well may be costly and you don’t generally get the opportunity to pick which chocolate you need to attempt.

Do It Without anyone else’s help Tour: If you are on a spending limit, abhor visit gatherings, and additionally need to pick which chocolates you attempt (and what number of you attempt), at that point do it without anyone’s help.

There are a few shops that have a base spending sum. Since we went in a gathering of four, we had no issue hitting the base. In the event that you are voyaging solo or in a gathering of two, you may need to spend somewhat more (however you can generally spare it for some other time!).

On our independently directed strolling visit, we spend a normal of 12 euros for each individual. We spared 250€ by visiting chocolate shops individually and we got the chance to attempt the same number of chocolates as we needed to in each spot. It was an extremely fun approach to go through the day, in spite of the fact that I do need to state that for a few days a short time later none of us needed to see another bit of chocolate. In any case, that didn’t keep going long.

So ideally on the off chance that you need to visit Brussels, eat loads of chocolate, however not spend a fortune, our strolling visit encourages you out. Good health!

Where We Stayed in Brussels

We remained at the Pullman Brussels Center Midi. It is situated alongside one of the primary Brussels train stations. In the event that you plan on going via train, this area is splendid. In only 5 minutes we could be remaining at the training stage, ideal for day excursions to Bruges and Ghent and for making a trip to/from Paris and Amsterdam, among different urban areas. From this lodging, all that’s needed is 10 minutes by cable car to get to Grand Place. This is a cutting edge lodging, the WiFi works great and the rooms are vast. My solitary grievance is that our rooms felt exceptionally warm. There more likely than not been a major issue with the warming unit. When we were moved to another room we were substantially more agreeable.

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