The most effective method to Visit Bruges and Ghent in the event that You Only Have One Day

By | 12th May 2019

Bruges and Ghent are two beguiling, communities in Belgium, each only a short train ride far from Brussels. Ideally, Bruges and Ghent each merit their very own day for investigating. Notwithstanding, in the event that you are short on schedule, you can visit Bruges and Ghent in one day.

We visited Bruges and Ghent in one day from Brussels. It’s a long, bustling day, however, we adored it. For the best understanding, you have to get a promising start. Bruges, the more well known of these two towns, will, in general, become busy late morning. To abstain from investing your important energy in a line, get to Bruges toward the beginning of the day.

On this day trip, you can walk fantasy boulevards, eat on waffles and chocolate, take in the view from two towers, go on a trench journey, and visit an antiquated stronghold. Here is our accurate schedule through Bruges and Ghent. Appreciate!

One Day in Bruges and Ghent

7:26 am: Train from Brussels to Bruges

I disclosed to you that we began early! However, we likewise skipped breakfast since we had a great breakfast spot to attempt in Bruges.

It takes around one hour via train to head out from Brussels to Bruges.

8:30 am: Arrive in Bruges

From the train station, we strolled into Bruges. It just takes around 15 minutes to stroll from the train station into town.

To get to our morning meal recognize, That’s Toast, we strolled up Oostmeers into town.

8:45 am: Breakfast at That’s Toast

This morning meal spot satisfied its notoriety. For breakfast, we ate granola, natural product, and a few various types of French toast. It was delectable.

When we arrived, which was directly subsequent to opening time, the spot was generally unfilled. Forty after five minutes, when we left, there was a line out the entryway.

10:00 am: The Belfry of Bruges (the Belfort)

From That’s Toast, we went through 30 minutes stroll to the focal point of Bruges, taking heaps of photos, and strolling around Market Place, the primary square in Bruges.

The Belfry of Bruges is the tallest pinnacle that rules the focal point of the town. On the off chance that you need a decent view over the city, it merits climbing the 366 stages to the top.

The Belfry opens at 9:30 am. We got in line at 10 am, and indeed, there was at that point a line, however, it wasn’t really awful. Just a predetermined number of individuals are permitted on the highest point of the Belfry at once, so the line will in general move gradually.

It’s a pleasant view from the top yet there is a work fence that makes photography troublesome. I needed to utilize my iPhone to get photographs without the dark work in the manner.

10:45 am: Basilica of the Holy Blood

In the wake of climbing the Belfry, we strolled over to Burg Square and made a speedy visit to the Basilica of the Holy Blood. It is stunning inside and allowed to visit.

11:10 am: Canal Tour of Bruges

From the Basilica of the Holy Blood, we walked around town, towards Rozenhoedkaai, an exceptionally well-known photograph spot in Bruges. Toward the beginning of April, without the trees green and verdant, it’s not exactly as lovely. The monster crane doesn’t help, either, however now and again that is only the manner in which it goes.

Directly from this spot, you can board a vessel to journey through the channels of Bruges. Obviously, 11 am is still “ahead of schedule” in the day since we had the option to get directly on without a pause. Truth be told, we really needed to trust that more individuals will touch base to fill our vessel. Later in the day, this was an entirely different story. The lines developed to over a hundred people long, and that is not the manner in which you need to go through multi-day in Bruges!

For around 30 minutes you journey through the channels, getting a history exercise from your driver. It’s a lovely method to see the city.

Travel Tip: For the best photographs, attempt to get a seat close to the front of the vessel.

Cost: 10€

Hours: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

11:45 am: Chocolate and Waffles

We strolled back through Market Place to two spots we needed to endeavor to fulfill our sweet tooth.

Dumon Chocolatier is a standout amongst the best places to go in Bruges for chocolate. Regardless of whether you don’t purchase anything here, it’s as yet worth a brisk visit just to see it. I figure it must be the cutest structure in Bruges.

Close-by is Lizzie’s Waffles, a standout amongst the best spots, so we were told, for waffles in Bruges. Since we simply completed a colossal chocolate voyage through Brussels the day preceding (is a chocolate aftereffect conceivable?), we got a plain waffle. It may look exhausting in the photograph yet it was scrumptious. Lizzie’s Waffles is a semi-formal eatery so plan on going through around 30 minutes here.

Another extraordinary spot for waffles in Bruges is Chez Albert. This is a road nourishment waffle stand that dependably had a line we strolled by. It’s situated close Market Place.

More photographs strolling through Bruges.

1:00 pm: Lunch

We had lunch at Brasserie Brugge Die Scone, a respectable café situated close to that acclaimed photograph spot, Rozenhoedkaai. We picked this eatery essentially in light of the fact that we needed to sit outside and have a pleasant perspective on Bruges. The nourishment is somewhat overrated, however, I would expect that anyplace in the focal point of Bruges.

1:45 pm: Scenic Walkthrough Bruges

After lunch, we began to work our way towards the train station.

We strolled along the waterway towards the Church of Our Lady. What another excellent spot in Bruges! The Bonifacius Bridge is somewhere else to take one of those famous photographs of Bruges. Simply hope to impart this spot too many individuals.

Tim Tyler Kara Bruges

Adorable Houses Bruges

Bonifacius Bridge Bruges

We proceeded with the boulevards and waterway to Minnewater Park. Toward the beginning of April, it is mating season for the swans, and they were altogether assembled in the recreation center along the water’s edge.

2:33 pm: Train to Ghent

It takes 30 minutes to head out from Bruges to Ghent. The Gent-Sint-Pieters train station is a 30-minute stroll from downtown Ghent, so to get into town it is faster to take a taxi or the cable car.

Cable cars pull up before the train station. You can purchase a round-trip cable car ticket from the robotized machines at the cable car stop.

To bring the cable car into town, take line 1 towards Eindhalte. Get off at the Korean market, the focal point of Ghent. Later in the day, to return to the train station, take line 1 towards Flanders Expo. It takes around 15 minutes by cable car to go between the train station and the Korean market.

3:45 pm: Rain in Ghent

When we touched base in Ghent, extensive, foreboding shadows were quick drawing nearer. We hurried to St. Michaels’ Bridge and the Lys River, one of the prettiest spots in Ghent, planning to see it before the downpour arrived. We were only excessively late. The skies opened up and we wound up holding up out the most noticeably awful of the downpour under the overhang of a gift shop.

4:15 pm: Gravensteen

When the downpour backed off, we half strolled, half downpour to Gravensteen. This antiquated stronghold has been remaining here since 1180. It has been utilized as a jail and even as a taping area for the BBC arrangement The White Queen.

You can visit the rooms of the château, visit the arsenal, and find out about torment in medieval occasions. However, the best piece of the visit is the view from the highest point of the stronghold. Wonderfully, the skies cleared up and we had great perspectives over Ghent.

5 pm: Graslei and Korenlei

Since the skies were clear, we strolled back towards St. Michael’s Bridge. I truly needed to get a pleasant photo of Graslei and Korenlei, a photogenic spot on the River Lys. On warm, radiant days, this is a prevalent spot to hang out, have a beverage at a bistro, and appreciate these excellent perspectives.

5:10 pm: Wandering through Patershol

Before touching base in Ghent, I had perused that the Patershol neighborhood is an exceptionally picturesque spot to visit around the local area. All things considered, perhaps we were missing something, however, this was not worth the smidgen of time we spent here. After the pretty avenues in Bruges, this area, while beautiful, was not all that much.

St. Nicholas Church, on our way to the Ghent Belfry

5:30 pm: The Ghent Belfry

For a wonderful perspective on Ghent, climb the Ghent Belfry (8€ per individual). From here, you can see St. Nicholas’ Church, St. Bavo’s Cathedral, and the excellent structures of Ghent. In addition, there is no dark work fencing to hinder photographs.

The Belfry is open until 6 pm and the last confirmation is at 5:30 pm. We simply made it! Get refreshed hours before you go on the official site.

6 pm: Dinner in Ghent

We finished our day with supper in Ghent. We picked a spot on the Korean market called Vaudeville, a mix-up since the nourishment was fair and costly.

Better spots to attempt are Passion (Belgian and Dutch sustenance, situated close to the Belfry) or Du Progres (French and Belgian nourishment, situated on Korean market).

7:00 Travel back to Brussels

From the Korean market we returned the cable car to the Gent-Sint-Pieters train station and after that took the 7:23 pm train back to Brussels, landing at 7:53.

It’s a difficult day and we didn’t get the opportunity to see everything, except we got to see the features.

What We Would Have Done Differently

In a perfect world, burn through one entire day in Bruges and one entire day in Ghent to have the best involvement. You get the opportunity to back off and relish these urban areas. We felt hurried while in Bruges, attempting to see however much as could reasonably be expected while as yet sparing time for Ghent.

You have the alternative to just visit Bruges, obviously, skipping Ghent totally. Despite the fact that we just had a couple of hours in Ghent, we truly making the most within recent memory here. The downpour made it progressively fun and afterward finishing the day with bright skies was pleasant. I’m so happy we got the chance to see Ghent from the Belfry.

I would likewise skip strolling around the Patershol neighborhood. We just gone through 15 minutes doing this, yet it felt like a misuse within recent memory, and we nearly missed the view from the Belfry.

The way to making this day work is the all-around promising start in Bruges. We got the opportunity to climb the Belfry in Bruges and take the trench journey with no time spent in lines. Had we held up in long queues we would have had next to no time in Ghent.

Going via Train in Belgium

The train makes it simple to get from Brussels to Bruges and Ghent. You can buy your tickets ahead of time or get them at the train stations.

We obtained our tickets online I

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